Find your best time to workout.

There’s no best time in general – or a magic formula that says if you workout earlier in the day you will lose more fat. You have to decide the time of day that you can consistently commit to exercise and not make excuses. If you find you like to watch your favorite TV shows at night and relax, don’t schedule your workouts then, you’re more apt to skip when the season finale is on. The key is to be consistent no matter what. Make your workouts a priority and schedule around them.


By now the common practice in every fitness program is 6 small meals throughout the day. But the number one mistake... make sure that you are eating more of (and not cutting back on) high quality foods. If you are doing resistance workouts 3 times per week and some cardio, your body needs a lot of fuel. Skipping meals and cutting back on good calories will have a negative impact on fat loss. Deprivation is not a way to lead your life.

Only do 22 minutes of intense cardio at a time.

What do people who want to lose weight generally do? Lots of cardio. This is the wrong approach. Your body can really only handle about 22 minutes of medium to high intensity cardiovascular exercise (such as running or a fast-paced workout on the elliptical trainer) at a time without starting to break down lean muscle mass for fuel. This is a complex topic.

Give it your all.

Getting in shape is incredibly rewarding, but it is hard work. There are no shortcuts. Fad diets and pills do not work. They can lead to a false sense of weight loss and, as many have learned, once you stop - it all comes back and sometimes some extra. So when you go to your workout, give it your all. Push for that extra rep and perspire a little more. With each step further, you’re going to be looking and feeling better.
Four Basic Fitness Tips

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