Bon Apetit and Sunset magazines are heralding bison as the "meat of the future"!
Bon Appetit Magazine February 2008
Bruce Aidells writes that bison (buffalo) meat is loaded with healthful Omega-3 fatty acids as well as conjugated linoleic acids (CLAs). These help boost the immune system and lower the risk of cancer and heart disease. He also writes that bison are good for the environment and he provided several mouth watering recipes.

SUNSET Magazine February 2008
In the feature article, Bison’s Back, we learn that by eating bison we’re saving them. Sunset also informs us that raising bison is ecologically sustainable and the meat is preferred by the health conscious and the gourmet chef alike.

October 3, 2006
Martha Stewart grills-up several varieties of delicious buffalo burgers while pal, Ted Turner, looks on.

September, 2006
Ted's Montana Grill opens its 50 th restaurant in the  Time-Life Building in New York City . This restaurant features Ted Turner's signature offering of 25 various buffalo entrées including 19-custom buffalo burgers.

GOURMET, issue of December, 2004
This issue contained a tasty Buffalo meat loaf recipe and adds:
”If you are trying to cut back on animal fat in your diet but still crave red meat, buffalo may be what you are looking for. It has roughly 25 percent less fat than beef (and half the calories), and despite what you may have heard, it is not at all gamey, in fact, it tastes sweeter than beef.”

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Buffalo Meat Online

If you are looking for a distinctive entree to serve at a dinner party, we offer our delicious buffalo meat online. If you've never tried buffalo, now is a great time to add this healthy meat to your diet.

Why choose buffalo meat from American Buffalo?

At American Buffalo you are purchasing meat directly from our ranch. Our livestock is free-range and grass-fed with the utmost respect for a completely natural product as mother nature intended!

Why Buffalo?

First and foremost ...buffalo meat tastes incredible! Slightly sweeter than beef with much more flavor!

And remarkably Healthy!

Buffalo/Bison meat is low in fat, cholesterol, and calories. And high in protein!

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Our online buffalo products are not only exquisite cuts of meat, but they're nutritious as well. Buffalo contains less fat than beef, pork, turkey, and chicken, even with the skin removed. For low carb dieters, buffalo offers high protein without the calories and fat of other types of meat. Since buffalo has more protein than beef, smaller portions tend to satisfy your appetite, which lends well to any healthy diet.

By adding buffalo to your diet on a regular basis, you may reduce your cholesterol by almost 40 percent in just a few months.

Bison meat is all natural and contains no artificial additives. Products offered are 100% free range grass-fed bison.

Served as grilled juicy steaks, a tender roast or your own special creation, American Buffalo presents a delicious variety of options that will delight your entire family at any meal.

Bison is a naturally nutrient-rich food with high levels of zinc, Vitamin B12, iron, riboflavin, and thiamin. American Buffalo bison is a healthy choice for any lifestyle.